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Under the Lantern Sky :: RiSE Lantern Festival 2017

I never thought I'd go through what I've been through this past year. And I don't think any right minded person would wake up and pray to lose a child one day. But what do you do when you DO lose a child? Do you celebrate their short life or do you simply let it… Continue reading Under the Lantern Sky :: RiSE Lantern Festival 2017

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Thankful Thursday :: Birds of a feather…

Life can often feel like a never ending train wreck. One situation ends and then another one comes along... at least that's how I feel things have played out for me over the last year and a half. And it often feels like one event opens the door for another one to happen. I become… Continue reading Thankful Thursday :: Birds of a feather…

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PTSD(eal with it)

The pressure and trauma increase and you quit your job without giving your bosses a two weeks notice. You get so overwhelmed with the trauma that you take the family car and run away when you're supposed to be heading to work. You contemplate running the car off the freeway or slamming into an Optimus Prime to end your misery. You then change your plans and you decide to sleep on the side of the road for a night in a different town, crying & screaming. You're paralyzed by fear; terrified of abandonment & of being pursued by your oppressor even though you know you're safe.

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The Thing About Forgiveness… 

... is that it's uncomfortable to give to those who have wronged/hurt you. When it comes to people that have wronged me, almost destroyed me, and have earned themselves every reason for me to hate them, it gets difficult to forgive. Although I was brought up in a Christian church, I wasn't exactly taught the… Continue reading The Thing About Forgiveness… 

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Father’s Day :: A letter to the broken hearted 

Dear Friend, As you know, today is Father's Day... There are many people celebrating Father's Day while I, on the other hand, am not really doing much with it. I hold no grudge nor bitterness in my heart for not truly being able to celebrate it the way I'd like because I'm grateful for having… Continue reading Father’s Day :: A letter to the broken hearted