Lessons from a Rotting Sandwich [Happy New Year!]

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve posted anything to my blog. And I honestly wouldn’t have posted anything today if it hadn’t been for the new notifications I received, notifying me that I had new followers (what a surprise that was), but I want to keep this post short, simple, and to the point.

I was cleaning out my car today; throwing out trash and collecting pennies and dimes off the floor… But as I started looking under the seats for additional trash, a horrible stench fried my nostrils. (Not really, but it was bad)

The source.

My husband and I had been complaining to one another for almost two weeks that the car smelled funny, and eventually my little sisters began to complain about the smell as well.

I don’t consider myself a clean freak, but I do a damn good job at cleaning my car and my little home.

I couldn’t figure out how I hadn’t found the source of the two week stench until today.

It then hit me that I must have overlooked the bag where the rotting sandwich lived when I’d done my previous investigations. I had concluded too soon that someone, maybe myself even, must have spilled something on the seats or the floor. Since then, I had settled with the stench.

Isn’t that a creative way of looking at bad habits? They stink; we overlook them, but we settle with the idea that it’s just the way things are. Whether it be relationships, finances, our way of thinking, the way we speak, or our health- bad habits have a way of destroying anything in its path.

My husband and I are familiar with bad habits/addictions. We’ve experienced difficulty breaking the ones we have been the most comfortable with, mostly because we either grew up with it and it’s all we’ve known or because it challenged us to come out of our comfort zones to an unknown territory.

Let’s go back to that damn sandwich.

Once I located the perpetrator and threw it out, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the car would no longer carry that funny smell. PROBLEM SOLVED.

How I wish I could do that with any bad habit- just throw it out without questioning or thinking about it. It would solve many problems.

Imagine if I’d looked at the bag that carried the rotting sandwich and thought, “Well, why remove it?” You’d be right to call me crazy.

I don’t know how 2018 was for you, personally. Maybe it was the worse year of your life. Maybe you got into some debt. Maybe you had an incredible year.

However it was, I encourage you to keep going and growing. Let’s identify the bad habits/sandwiches that keep us stuck, and replace them with good ones that will move us forward. If you had a great year, I pray it gets better and that you continue learning and growing.

We all want to prosper. We all want better lives. We all want to enjoy life to the fullest.

I pray each and everyone of you will be blessed and be content with what you receive.

Note: In case anyone was wondering how the sandwich got to where it was: I’d bought one on my way to work, ate half and placed the other half in a Ross plastic bag, expecting to finish it later. I’d later forgotten my food was in the bag, and so I placed it on the floor where it miraculously made its way to the bottom of the driver’s seat. 😬


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