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Book Review :: The Sin Eater’s Daughter by : Melinda Salisbury






RATING :: ★★★★★

SYNOPSIS :: Twylla is a non-royal, goddess embodied girl living in a castle, betrothed to the prince of Lormere and lives with him and his mother, the Queen as well as the King, the Queens cousin. This would seem like something she would be happy about, except that Twylla has to eat a deadly mixture of her own blood and Morningsbane once a month in order to keep her goddess embodiment, and as such is capable of killing a person by just touching them.

This isolates her from others around her, especially as she is expected to use her abilities as a death sentence. To everyone except the royal family her touch is a painful death. She is alone and sad looking to her gods for help until however a new guard arrives, Lief. He and Twylla begin to bond and fall in love – a dangerous move, as the Queen is a murderous and unstable adversary.

“I am the perfect weapon, I can kill with a single touch.”


I discovered this gem by coincidence at my local library. I picked up the second part of the series [The Sleeping Prince], unaware that it was even a trilogy, and ended up picking up the first book after I was done reading the second one… so I’m going to do each review in order. Here we go!

What I LOVED ::

*I love books that have medieval times/Renaissance Faire themes. I love and prefer them more than modern day era themes. So props to the author for using my favorite theme to tell this romantic, fantasy story.

*The author gets right to the point with the story instead of filling up space with unnecessary details (descriptions of the kingdom, castles, or people). Everything unravels in perfect time.

*FANTASTIC plot! And I LOVED the twist at the end. I hated Julian from the start, so I was content with the outcome of the story.

*Merek was my absolute favorite character, more so than Twylla. And his mother, as terrible as she was, was an awesome villain!

*Aside from the character’s personal stories and struggles, there’s also a hint of mystery, war, legends, and myths. Twylla is presented as the reincarnation of a goddess whose touch can kill any man or woman, which i thought was the best part of the entire plot.


Twylla started off as a likable character for me, but her childish/immature if not desperate behavior turned me off.

Honestly, she was seriously stupid to risk hers and Julian’s (even though I could care less about his life) by becoming Julian’s lover. Even though she knows she’s doing wrong, she allows her emotions to betray her. She was aware she was not only engaged, but how cruel & evil the queen was & what she could do if she discovered what she was up to.

I would have preferred her staying loyal to the prince but being honest with him about how she truly felt instead of lying to his face and sleeping with the enemy behind his back. It would have not given the queen an opportunity to find something wrong to humiliate her in front of the entire kingdom.

I do cut her a tiny bit of slack though because the queen preyed on her vulnerability by hiring Julian.

And Julian…

…of him of course. He’s the epitome of a selfish coward who’s only concerned with what he wants. Even after he’s revealed to be a traitor, instead of saying, “Twylla, there is no excuse and I will see to it that you never see my face because I’m not worthy of your love and trust after the way I betrayed you,” he tries convincing her why they should be together.


I do feel Twylla and Julian deserved each other to an extent for behaving like idiots. Merek deserves better than Twylla but his forgiving and gentle behavior towards her, even though he starts off awkward and entitled, made me wish Twylla would give him a chance.

Regardless of the characters defects, this book was awesome.

I’m surprised not so many people liked it. But if you’re into legends and fairy tales., as well as romantic fantasy stories that don’t end like every other happily-ever-after story you’ve read… READ THIS!


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