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Book Review :: The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury







RATING :: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

SYNOPSIS :: The rebellion is in peril.The dangerous Sleeping Prince, once thought to be nothing more than a fairy tale, has awoken from his enchanted sleep and is set on vengeance. As he tightens his hold on the kingdoms of Lormere and Tregellan, the net closes in on the ragged band of rebels desperately trying to defeat him. After surviving their harrowing journey, Twylla and Errin are separated, leaving them isolated, and running out of time. The final battle is coming, and Aurek will stop at nothing to keep the throne . . . forever. Explosive, rich, and darkly addictive, The Scarecrow Queen will lure you into a startlingly-original magical world you’ll never want to leave.

I’m tired of taking people’s sins on myself.

I’m tired of running away from everything.

I want to be like Errin. Like Nia. Like Sister Hope. I want to be the girl who fought a golem, the girl who slammed her hands on a table and told a room full of powerful women that I was going to fight, and to hell with them.

I survived the court of Lormere. I survived the journey to Scarron. I survived the Sleeping Prince’s raid on the Conclave. I am a survivor.


So here we are– the third and final installment to The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy.

There were minor disappointments and I do wish the ending of the story included a better outcome for certain relationships but I think I can handle the cliff hanger that leaves room for the reader’s imagination.

Hang tight, this will be my longest review for the series!

Let me get started with what I enjoyed about The Scarecrow Queen.


*Love that all the characters are in the final showdown. The story picks up with Errin and then it alternates between her and Twylla’s POV.

*King Merek is back and he’s not only a fantastic and useful character, he was the only one besides Errin that I really came to love because of his selfless and loving demeanor. In comparisons to how he was in the first book, he’s grown into a saint in this one.

*While the first two books did focus a lot on the main character’s individual stories and background, The Scarecrow Queen now blends the outcome of the character’s story with the overall outcome of the war and the well being of the citizens of the kingdom of Lormere & Tregellan.

*Ding, Dong, Julian’s dead! HANDS DOWN, BEST PART of the book! I anticipated this! And while I finally came to understand his motives/true intentions, I still didn’t find him enough of a worthy character to live especially after all the havoc he caused. He reminds me of Snape from H.P; He’s neither purely good nor purely evil.

I was also genuinely happy when Twylla messed up his face, even though it was obvious that she was still wrestling with her feelings for Lief (more on that in just a minute).

*Errin and Silas get the happy ending they deserve. They were both selfless and brave… I must add though that their relationship (compared to that of the second book) went from Rated-G to Rated-PG14 real fast when they were reunited at the end, especially since the knowledge that Silas was a monk is in the back of your head.

*Initially, I thought Errin and Merek would have been cute together because of the way they trust and care for one another. Merek earned mad respect when he took care of Errin throughout her time being held captive by the sleeping prince, and when he rescued her on more than one occasion. Part of it at first was his job to do so, but he still displayed a caring nature towards Errin even after he didn’t have to which I highly admired.

*All legends and myths are brought to light. You learn what’s true and what isn’t. You learn what Twylla’s true purpose and powers are instead of the phony baloney crap she was said to be in the first book.

*The last battle ended perfectly! The fight was described in great detail. I was afraid the author would spend too much time describing it with petty details but judging by how many little pages i had left to finish and when the battle started, I knew it would spare the ridiculous details and end everything with a BANG.


*While I do love what the author did by alternating between Errin’s and Twylla’s POV, it didn’t help that the book ended with only Twylla’s perspective. I don’t read into the emotions and thoughts of Errin when she’s fighting for her life and then, later, when she’s reunited with Silas. I get it must have been tricky to have a story that tells two different POV’s but I do wish I’d been able to read more into Errin’s mind at the end.

*While Merek is a terrific character, I am upset that I don’t get to read into what he thinks or feels. He’s obviously in love with Twylla, and he becomes far more interested in studying herbs rather than running a kingdom, but i wish I’d been able to know at what point in the story he came to the conclusion that he wanted to try things differently, or what he thinks towards Twylla.

*Twylla serves her purpose. She becomes a fantastic leader and pushes herself to get outside her comfort zone… however, this bratty attitude of hers, this entitlement she feels she has the right to have, and her wavering between wanting and not wanting something with Merek drove me up the wall.

There’s an extremely intimate moment between her and Merek, but it’s hard to tell if she’s showing affection or desire to be intimate with him because she’s finally seeing him for who he is or because she’s (a) lonely… or (b) looking for a rebound because it didn’t work out with Lief. It’s hard not to think option B is where she’s at because the struggle of how she feels about Lief is pretty evident throughout the book. There are moments when she’s jealous because of the dynamics of the relationship between Errin and Merek, but it’s more childish than cute. Especially given how she betrayed Merek in the first book and went behind his back with Lief…

She also accuses Merek of betraying her and acts like he’s another Lief all because he made a choice on her behalf which ultimately benefited her. Instead of appreciating or understanding that in comparison to Lief, Merek truly was trying to help her, she acts like a little girl all because she’s jealous that Merek can give orders because he’s the king.

*While the ending was awesome, I do wish the author had clarified what would take place between Merek and Twylla. While Twylla earns her title as the new queen, her relationship with Merek doesn’t seem to have a stable outcome. They seem to have great chemistry, but it feels like Twylla still doesn’t know what she wants in regards to that relationship.

However, although there seems to be some kind of a cliff hanger, it does offer room for the reader to determine how they think things will turn out.

In my own dreams I’m hoping Twylla did choose Merek after all because of how he stuck it out with her and chose to love, forgive, and rescue her throughout the series.


Oh please give this trilogy a chance! My husband saw just how much i got into it and asked me to explain the story to him. When I was done, he was the one asking questions as if he himself found the story interesting.


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