Sigh* Okay, I can feel the stares.

I haven’t posted everyday and, for that, I am sorry. Honestly, I have been experiencing trouble with WordPress lately and have been too busy to fix it.

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I was genuinely surprised by how many people liked and read my last blog post ( TOP 5 Pet Peeves, if you’d like to catch up), so thank you to those of you who’ve been taking the time to read my posts!

Today’s post will be about… 3E6C4E74-5A0C-4130-9E89-E06DD83FF08D


Oh, GLORIOUS food!

Yes, I love to eat, but that’s the most normal thing any human being can love so I’m not special.

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Either way, maybe you [ the reader ] and I may have some food cravings in common. (Feel free to comment your favorite dish in the comment box below!)

Indian Food


I enjoy eating Indian food!

Basmati Rice and Chicken and Lamb curry are my absolute favorite! Now, as someone who is part Mexican, one of the common beliefs about hispanics is that we love spicy food.

Depending where you come from and the culture you were raised in, you could have an appreciation for spicy food. My father is Puerto Rican and although Puerto Rican’s don’t normally eat spicy peppers, my father lived surrounded by Mexicans for years so he learned to love spicy food.

I wasn’t necessarily taught to eat spicy food. I actually despised the food I was fed growing up but realized it was all a matter of preference. I love habanero, jalapeño, and serrano peppers, but only with certain dishes.

( Side note : For those who think that Mexican food will be on this list, no. It won’t be.)

When I first tried Indian food, I thought I could handle the hottest of the hottest indian sauce…. and boy, was that a humbling experience. Still, I thought the food was tasty so I tried various dishes to see which ones I preferred.

It is my dream, however, to travel to India and shop and dine at the local spice markets and restaurants. #BucketList



Obviously you are all aware that I’m part Mexican and part Puerto Rican now, but there’s another one to the list… that’s right. I’m also part Japanese.

I didn’t grow up eating Japanese food nor did I know much about the culture except for the history surrounding Japan during WWII.

It wasn’t till I was 18 that I stepped foot into a sushi bar and ate my first California roll. From there on I’ve had nothing but love for Salmon, Spicy Tuna, Avocado, and Veggie rolls. Beef Teriyaki bowls, Ramen, and Edamame are also favorites.

Much like my desire to go to India and try the local food, it is my dream to go to Japan and eat the traditional food. Until then, I am educating myself about the history (that doesn’t involve WWII, which put the Japanese people under a negative light), the culture, the dances, and duh! The food!

Persian Food


Where do I begin?

Basmati Rice? Beef Kabobs? Flat Bread with Hummus?

I love indulging myself with Persian food when I’m SUPER hungry. Persian food is never a light dish for me (unless it’s only salad) so never feed it to me unless I haven’t eaten all day and need to fill up.

I love the history and culture of Persia; There’s something very beautiful and mysterious about it. It might be too many Hollywood movies, who knows?

Italian Food


Who loves some good ole’ fashion pizza or pasta?

This is another type of food that I need to eat when I’m starving; very fattening and filling.

Now I know that Olive Garden isn’t necessarily the only top Italian restaurant there is, and I’m sure there might be some Italians who laugh at the thought of people who think Olive Garden is top Italian food, but it did introduce me to Italian food so I’ll give them that.

I am dying to go to Italy and try some REAL pasta fagioli, gelato, lasagna, spaghetti, and pizza instead of the Americanized version of it.

Currently, I’m brushing up on my Italian on Duolingo which you guys are more than free to follow me on- It’s a lot of fun and I’m taking on several lessons which include Japanese, Greek, and a few more.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

I love talking about food and I’m sure it’s one of those things that brings human beings together regardless of background, skin color, beliefs/religion, and culture.

If you’re reading this and you are in or from a different country, comment below some of the traditional dishes you think I should try.

I hope to visit your country some day soon!


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