TOP 5 Pet Peeves (Day 4)


I don’t know if anyone else has been having issues with the WordPress App? My photos take forever to upload & it’s a pain especially when I am trying to post these posts by a certain time/day…. ugh.

Anyway, give it up for me reaching Day 4!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Today’s challenge is going to be fun although I did have to think a little hard to determine what are my current pet peeves. I’m sure I have more than the ones I’m going to share, but 5 should be enough so it won’t make me sound like a total jerk even though I am actually a nice person in real life.




YoU. kNoW. wHo. YoU. ARE!

The occasional “Mmmm! Tasty” sounds are not a problem… it’s the consistent loud smacking, moaning, and chomping that I cannot STAND! I should probably add by now that I am not one to have perfect manners nor do I care if others have table manners or not… but I do have a problem with loud eaters!  I literally had to cover my ears with my earphones to mute the irritating sounds of someone eating once because I found myself incredibly annoyed.

2. Awkward Conversations//Unecessary Comments


Ahhhh, the life of an introvert. Tragic, splendid, and… AWKWARD. If there’s one thing I definitely know about myself is that I HATE small, unnecessary talk.


I often hear people making comments over the most mediocre moments in life. I’ve been around people who can never seem to go a minute without saying something so obvious and below average. They’re hoping to lighten the mood by making somewhat-funny comments but it only intensifies the already growing awkwardness.

I try making conversation with folks to push myself out of my comfort zone, but when I notice the Awkward Wall has set up shop, I retreat to silence.

Is it difficult to tell what role I play in a group setting?

3. Loud & Obnoxious Behavior

I’m pretty sure we ALL fall under this category once in our lives, but some of us eventually realize the importance of having consideration for those around us.

Others? Not so.

Loud folks.

You hear them giggling in the library, a place you know is supposed to be a quiet environment.

You hear them talking loud over the phone at the coffee shop, laughing and yelling their thoughts out to the universe.

You watch them at the restaurants as they gossip, ask questions (loudly), and act like they own the whole place.

And you hear them running around on the streets, with no ounce of consideration for personal boundaries/bubbles.

Some folks you know you must forgive, kids and elders included… but there are others you KNOW should have at least an ounce of knowledge on social behavior/manners.

4. Overdramatic Personalities


Again, another category we’ve all probably fallen under maybe more than once…

But you could also say that some are naturally wired to be over dramatic… or they’ve been watching too many spanish soap operas.

I despise this over-dramatic mentality folks have. I have had people come up to me and start a conversation with, “Something BAD happened. It’s REALLY bad! This is SERIOUS” or, “Oh my Gosh! I’ve got bad news…” and then it turns out that the problem is not really the problem.

The REAL problem is the attitude about the “problem.” Yes, I kinda just quoted Captain Jack Sparrow, but the man’s got a point!

There are folks who make problems bigger than life, and look at whatever inconvenience as something that needs an over dramatic solution.

I’ve worked with folks who started yelling and running back and forth when our work site was surrounded by flames, threatening to accuse management of negligence, but VIDEO recording the fire they were supposedly trying to run away from after being instructed to head to their cars and leave the area.

I’ve had people come up to me giving me the whole, “We need to talk…” and only after sitting me down and getting my blood running with anxiety do they drop the toy bomb with a less than troublesome problem.

A simple solution to many problems in life: take them as they are and not like you think they are. It solves a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety.

5. Indirect Communication


My loved ones know that I hate when people are indirect with me.

Then, when I am expected to understand whatever situation has emerged from whatever was not directly communicated, I am the bad/dumb one.

I often tell folks that I cannot be held accountable for something I did not completely understand, especially if crucial info was withheld from me.

Spare me (and yourself) the trouble, tell me what you need to tell me.

Yes I might be upset or not like what I hear, but it’ll save us a load of future frustration.


Could you relate to anything mentioned above?

What are YOUR pet peeves?


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