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My Current Relationship (Day 3)

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but there was a glitch in my system so I had to wait till today. Apologies for the delay!

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Day 3- My Current Relationship….

So here we are….

What do you need to know about my marital status?

I’ve been married for the past 3 years, going on 4 this year, to my childhood sweetheart.

We crushed on one another YEARS ago (in our pre-teen years) and didn’t test the waters out until we were both in our 20s.

But our years of being married together hasn’t been unicorns and rainbows. It’s one thing to date the love of your life, it’s another thing to be married to that person.

Marriage, as you’ve often heard, brings out the worst in you.

I can honestly say that that is VERY true, but I wouldn’t trade being so raw, vulnerable, and ugly with anyone else except my beloved.

We’ve been tested & tried; we’ve failed at this marriage thing multiple times. We’ve gained but we’ve also lost. If it hadn’t been for God, we wouldn’t be together till this day.

So yes, we drive each other crazy, but we’ve learned (and still continue learning) to love one another flaws & quirks; the whole SHEBANG.

Learning to love like Christ loves us is difficult, but so worth the fight.

Side note: I’m grateful he puts up with my odd humor, social awkwardness, introverted, pranking, and short tempered ways.

So for all of you who think our long-term relationship/marriage should be painted like this…. #GOALS


While we love and care a GREAT deal for one another, it’s more like this…

…especially when we are fighting over food and who will be the banker in Monopoly.

P.S. I’m the horse.

Hey! Eugene and Maximus have a great relationship, Okay?!


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