Describe : The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly about Yourself (Day 2)

Day 2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge…

I wish I could describe myself like this ::

But… that would be cheating.

How to describe myself?



The Good

I am an introvert who enjoys reading, traveling, performing, listening to music, brainstorming ideas, pranking my loved ones, trying new things/learning new skills, and hanging with a few awesome people.

I strive to be a better person and seek to make the most of every ordinary day.

The Bad

My introverted ways keep me from making new friends at times, and I struggle with social awkwardness because of it. I love trying new things/learning new skills, but my obsession with learning can take a turn for the worse when I take on way too many projects that leave me feeling

overwhelmed and defeated…

While I enjoy reading and listening to music whilst drinking coffee or tea, I can end up isolating myself because of this. This ends with me forcing myself to socialize although I tend to stay on my phone in front of others because of fear that the interaction will turn out awkward and forced…

The Ugly

I tend to have a really awkward and weird sense of humor. I know.. how exactly is that ugly?

You understand nothing until you’re close enough to me like my sisters and husband are; they always tell me that I show them the weirdest things.

I have an usual obsession with pimple popping videos (Dr. Pimple Popper is my secret hero). I find myself on the weird side of Youtube too often for… reasons…

While you’re caught up in a normal conversation about life, you might think i’m sitting alone because i’m reserved… in reality i’m planning world domination!


Need I see more?!

I leave you to wonder whether or not you made a mistake in reading my post.

Thanks for dropping by! 😈


One thought on “Describe : The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly about Yourself (Day 2)

  1. Yoooo those Pimple popping videos are weirdly satisfying. Have you ever seen OCD videos on Twitter? I’m obsessed with videos of people cutting bars of soap..LOL. I’m an introvert too and people often mistake my friendliness and openness to people for extroversion, but I often isolate myself too because I’d much rather be at home, alone, reading than out and about.


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