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Now hold your horses…

I’m not in danger, let’s make that clear.

But for all you book lovers out there?

I’m… *deep breath* I’m… I’m breaking up with books…

Okay, okay! Calm DOWN!

It’s temporary!

It’s not the books… it’s me!


I haven’t been reading a lot (only what’s necessary) and so I decided to break away from the monthly reading challenges.

So then what will I be doing with my blog, you may ask.

I’m not taking it down so relax!

I’ll be posting on other topics that I’m passionate about. I also want to attempt a few blog challenges that I have always wanted to try. For now, the reading just hasn’t been a joy… which is strange for me to say although I understand why I’m not up for reading challenges.

When you’re attempting to read a certain book within a certain time period… It can get a bit overwhelming especially if you’re not enjoying your read, therefore reading becomes an obligation rather than an enjoyable hobby.

I will say this though… I will be posting my reviews on past books I finished reading but never shared my thoughts about on my blog.

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy road.


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