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Book Review :: Peter Pan



PUBLISHER :: Barnes & Noble

PUBLISHING DATE ::  09/15/2014


HARDCOVER :: 200pgs

RATING :: 🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️/5


“To live will be an awfully big” -Peter Pan


Where do I begin…

Well… I didn’t necessarily expect the book to be too different from the movie, but I found myself loathing the main character, Peter, even more than I had disliked him in Disney’s version of the story.

In Disney’s Peter Pan, Peter is a more lovable character even though it’s obvious he’s mischievous and immature, but reading Peter’s thoughts and motives in the book made me realize that there was hardly anything lovable about him. True, you grow sympathetic when you realize how lonely he truly is, but as you read into what tactics he uses to get what he wants… your sympathy (unless you’re the kind of person who can see past these defects) washes away.

The book was also somewhat of a bore to me. I’d seen the story on the big screen and nothing in the book had really been left out. All I got was a closer look into the minds and feelings of all the characters, both good and evil.

Of course, Disney’s version of Peter Pan watered down the violence described in the book, and Tinker Bell’s near-death experience certainly wasn’t as dramatic as they’d made it look in Peter Pan: Return to Neverland.

….ok, so maybe not THAT dramatic but if you’ve watched the movie and you’ve read the book also then you MUST have noticed a huge difference. So would I recommend this read?

Meh. I didn’t care for it so I wouldn’t show enthusiasm in recommending it, but I would say that the advantage of reading the book is learning and understand the thoughts, motives, and feelings of the characters.

I believe the issue with movies that have been inspired by books is being able to reflect the emotions of each character in a way the audience may relate to as well as recognize from its original story.

Aside from all the above, another reason why Peter Pan only scored 3 stars in my book is because of the boring details the author added. I was in a rush to finish this book when I realized it wasn’t far too different from the movie, so when the story would drag on with useless details that could have been spared, I’d either try reading through them quickly or simply skip to something far more interesting.

Sorry, Peter Pan fans. I know this is supposed to be a beloved classic, but I’m just sharing an honest opinion. To be fair, I think I’ll stick with Disney’s cinematic version since I grew up watching it. I do love NeverLand and believe the theme is simply magical, but that’s all I can say…

Thanks for reading!


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