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Book Dragon Problems; Trials of a Reader

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE books.

Reading is, perhaps, my most FAVORITE hobby, and I got back into it at such a chaotic moment in my life… I dare even add that it may have saved me from experiencing a horrible nervous breakdown.

But in spite of how much I LOVE books (don’t ever DOUBT that), I do have my moments. I don’t read as much as I should or even as I would want.

Part of it may have to do with my failing vision, which has pushed me to FINALLY book an appointment with an eye doctor, and another part of it might be my excuse that since I AM a book dragon then eventually I will catch up with my reading.

After all, a book dragon NEVER turns down a book and ALWAYS has a reading comeback even when he/she is far behind. This is reason enough to rename myself the cocky book dragon… but I’ve been humbled because of my failures so buzz off!

One could say that I often take my love for reading for granted and, therefore, become lazy.

My unfinished reading challenge in 2017 was a blow to my bibliophile heart. So certain was I that I would finish the last of the books left to complete my challenge that I underestimated the difficulties set before me… like time, pages, and sanity.

But again, I was certain that nothing was too difficult for me to handle.

As the books were left untouched, unread, and piled upon I reasoned that I’d get to reading because there was still time and because hey! I love to read!

I cannot begin to tell you how stressed if not anxious I felt New Year’s Eve when the light finally turned on in my brain and I realized how many hours were left until my challenge would officially be over.

I had around 6 books left to read… one that I was positively sure I could finish (which I did) and 5 that I knew were just as possible to finish as it was possible for me to reach Florida in one day… by foot.

A symbolic image of me attempting to finish my books with 2018 right on my tail...
A symbolic image of me attempting to finish my books with 2018 right on my tail…

I met defeat. I refused to embrace it but it sure was embracing me. And if that wasn’t enough, the insult to injury that came with it when I was shown just how many books I’d finished… and how many I had had left to meet my goal- FIVE.

Not 20, not 15, not 10… CINCO!

So close and yet so far.

While I’ve read close to five books in the first two weeks of 2018, and am humbly certain that I will not only reach my reading goal this year but also surpass it (because book dragons never stop reading), I remind myself to be steady, to not take on more than I can handle, and to view things realistically, goals included.

Do you set yourself up for failure when it comes to book challenges? Or do you wisely consider what you can handle?


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