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Movie Review :: The Disaster Artist





DATE :: DECEMBER 1, 2017



“This REAL Hollywood Movie”

-Tommy Wiseau (Franco)



I never in my wildest dreams imagined that The Room would get its very own biography drama in theaters.

When one of my best friends told me that the trailer for The Disaster Artist was out, I thought for sure it was nothing but a parody, not the real deal.

But when I discovered that this was REAL Hollywood movie ( Ha! See what I did there? ) and that Franco would be starring in it as Wiseau himself, I made no hesitation to say, “I’m going to see it!”

Before its release date, however, I decided to purchase the book since the movie was being based off of it.

Needless to say, I had no idea that Greg Sestero had even released a book, but nonetheless was happy to know I could finally read what happened behind the scenes of The Room.

My husband treated me to a date, as an anniversary gift, to the movies and we chose to watch- you guessed it- The Disaster Artist.

I had already read a good portion of the book before I had hit the movies, and was on the last three chapters of the book when I went to the theaters…

…so I was slightly disappointed when I discovered that the movie didn’t really stick to the real deal. Franco himself admitted that about 40% of the movie was true, which is why I ended up grading the movie with a B. But! Franco delivered some of his best acting, the comedy was AWESOME, and the cast was AMAZING!

Seth Rogan played one of the, in my opinion, best characters. Dave Franco didn’t seem like a Greg to me since in the book Greg kinda came off as more passive and less confident, but his character in the movie was charming and sweet.

I laughed, I repeated some of The Room’s most iconic lines, and yes… I even cried (Franco, like i said, was amazing!).

It would have been great to see this movie stick to the real story, and to have also included The Room’s premiere’s audiences authentic reaction, but hey… Hollywood don’t change.

At least we can appreciate that Franco and Wiseau just trolled the entire Hollywood industry by making a movie about THEE worst movie of all time.

The irony of this whole situation is the amount of awards this movie has been nominated for (Critic’s Choice & Golden Globes included). I’m still anticipating an award nomination from the academy awards… and that’s where I will personally throw my head back and laugh while I make plans to become the first human-turned-unicorn in the history of the world.

Fed up with this world? Check out this fine gem and piece of classic cinematic beauty when you get the chance!


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