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Book Challenge 2018 & 2017 Recap.

Whew!!! 2017 was quite the challenge!

45 out of 50 books read. And while I might have aimed a little too high ( I am, after all, an extremely competitive spirit), I have to cut myself some slack since I didn’t start my book challenge until halfway in 2017.

However, it’s a new year. The slight disappointment and feelings of defeat that i’ve felt because I didn’t reach my reading goal last year is now met with determination and new confidence as I take on a new challenge.

I’ve decided to aim a little high but not like “way out of my league” high. I know there will be a ton of responsibilities that will take up my time so I decided that I best aim for 30 books.

Do I plan to surpass my goal? You bet!

And thanks to other bookworms, I’ve decided to add a twist to my reading challenge.

I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line this year!

And I also look forward to posting more frequently since the ends of 2017 were so focused on working, moving, and planning.

Book reviews will be posted soon, and so will a recap of some of my favorite (also non-favorite) reads from 2017.

Stay tuned, Bookworms, and Happy New Year!


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