November Wrap-Up


November was something else. I am sad that i didn’t get to read each book I intended to read, but I’m glad I read a good number of fun books.

Let’s get started…



Author :: Roald Dahl

Genre :: Fiction

Rating :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


I had NEVER read Matilda before and honestly, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to on account of the movie which, I’m sorry for those of you who loved it, put a bad taste in my mouth. I was fairly surprised to discover that the book, while it certainly had SOME similarities, was pretty different from the movie. And I should add that I definitely loved the book 10x more than the movie. It took a much darker tone too, which is probably why I liked the book so much. One positive thing I CAN say about the movie, however, is that Miss Honey seemed less timid and more sure of herself; her circumstances in the movie, while miserable from time to time, are less pitiful.

(Note to self:: read the book before watching ANY movie.)


Author :: Ransom Riggs


RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


Well… this was a random read. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book up at the library but I enjoyed the short stories. Some ended strangely. Some didn’t quite grab my attention. Others were to fun to read. Peculiar people. Peculiar events. Need I say more. Go read it for yourself!




RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


The beginning of the book bored me, and I felt there were far too many petty details that I cared nothing for… but the plot! Oh my! I loved it! Gatsby- a fraud, a man living in the shadow of his past, and the subject of the most bizarre rumors. It’s easy to relate to the characters, but I also found myself loathing them all for their denial, self-centeredness, hypocrisy, and carelessness; They complicate everything, refuse responsibility for their actions, and never seem to know what is it that truly want.

Overall, this seems to dive into the complexities of human behavior and choices. Social behavior comes into question and you’re left wondering, “Who truly ever cared about Gatsby?” as you come closer to the end of the book.

Great read. I personally recommend this piece of literature.


Author :: Roald Dahl

Genre :: Fiction

Rating :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


This might just be the third or fourth time I’ve read this book. It’s an absolute favorite!
Like Matilda, the book is way different if not better than the movie. I’d last read James and the Giant Peach back in high school. Reading it now, I caught some things I hadn’t noticed before… like how James’s conditions with his two evil aunts should be considered child neglect and abuse. I’d also noticed a strange theme that is repeated in almost all the Roald Dahl books that I’ve read– the main character is either an orphan or their parents or guardians stink at parenting.


Author :: Roald Dahl

Genre :: Fiction

Rating :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


One of my top favorite Roald Dahl books! It’s a silly but fun read. You’re taught to realize that your most trusted teacher, or maybe the nice next door neighbor, may possibly be a witch. So the question your left with is “Who then can you trust?” This book often felt like an indirect insult to the author’s childhood teachers/adults who never truly believed in Dahl. Like his other books, one or two noble adults may help the main character… while the rest are painted as cold-hearted, impatient monsters who have the worst intentions.

If you’ve watched the movie but haven’t read the book, do yourself and get to this gem PRONTO. It’s so much better, in my humble opinion.


Author :: Rupi Kaur

Genre :: Poetry

Rating :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

711kwLCWW L

Aaaaand Rupi Kaur has done it again! I enjoyed reading The Sun and Her Flowers so very much. Once again, the subject is ‘woman’ and the reader dives into the struggles, the power, and the beauty of women. No matter the culture, the religion, or the background from where each of us come from, there are things we can relate to; There are things that bring us together as women. Rupi’s gut-wrenching interpretation of abuse and violation of the female body was almost too difficult to read… mostly because it was explained in a language I understood- the pain, the nightmares, the self-harm, the awareness that one’s body will never be the same. At the same time, her poems of self love and care provoke a desire for healing and strength to move forward in spite of the hardships.

I only gave this one 4/5 stars however because I still felt that Milk and Honey was a bit better although they’re almost similar.

7. The Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Author :: Lemony Snicket 

Genre :: Fiction/Goth

Rating ::5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


By far the least favorite of the Lemony Snicket series. What a shame. I kinda felt cheated, but it wasn’t all that terrible…. after all, Snicket repeatedly tells you [the reader] not to expect a happy ending. So maybe 3/5 stars wouldn’t exactly be fair. Maybe.

Somewhere, in a mansion filled with loads of money, Snicket laughs while he thinks of the readers who still hope for happy endings.

8. The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events)


Author :: Lemony Snicket 

Genre :: Fiction/Goth

Rating :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

This might be the first Lemony Snicket book out of the series that introduces a mystery revolving the Baudelaire orphans. The previous books had shown the orphans trying to escape from the clutches of Count Olaf, to where now the orphans are determined to find out where he may be hiding since their triplet friends, who are also orphans, have been kidnapped. But the new twist doesn’t stop there…
It is now hinted that there could be something the orphans need to know about. Whether it’s related to their parents, to Count Olaf, or to their unfortunate circumstances it is not yet known.

The new surprising twist is what I’ve needed to refuel my interest in the series so I look forward to reading on.

9. The Ersatz Elevator

Author :: Lemony Snicket 

Genre :: Fiction/Goth 

Rating :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01


This book was a fun read. The orphans now find themselves with new guardians who happen to have highly-respected positions in society. These are by far the most interesting guardians compared to the previous ones. For one, they have a high interest in social trends, doing their best to obtain whatever the latest fashion may be.

The orphans are still on the hunt to discover what Count Olaf’s plans are all about, and to rescue their new friends from his clutches.
Only 6 more books of the series left to read, and I have a feeling that things are going to get pretty interesting from here on.


I get all anxious just thinking about how I have yet to write a review for each of these books. I apologize for the delay in my posts, bookworms.

With the start of my new job, I get home too exhausted to post. I just take care of my responsibilities and then go to bed. Hopefully, this will all change soon as I get myself adjusted physically and mentally to the new routine.

Thanks for stopping by!


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