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Movie Review :: Kidnap

WARNING :: This review contains SPOILERS 

Director : Luis Prieto

Starring : Halle Berry & Sage Correa

Release Date : August 4, 2017

Running time : 95 minutes 

R-Rated film 

Rating : C 

Brief Synopsis : A mother stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son.

“Let me tell you something. As long as my son is in that car, I will not stop. Wherever you go, I will be right behind you.” -Karla (Berry)


Review :

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review. I should have thought twice before deciding to do these kinds of reviews because, as it turns out, I don’t really watch movies at all. Hey, they don’t call me bookworm for nothing.

But anyway, I decided to watch this movie since it was my mother-in-law’s birthday… so I figured it would be appropriate to write a review on Halle Berry’s latest thriller- Kidnap.

I’ll start off with the main character and heroine herself- Karla, played by Berry. Karla is a divorced mother of one who is in a custody battle with her estranged husband. It doesn’t take much to tell that Karla’s fight for her only son, played by Correa, is a lost cause since her Ex has the upper hand, financially speaking.

Karla takes her son Frankie to the local Carnaval where he is kidnapped by a Caucasian female while she is on the phone with her divorce lawyer. A chase ensues and goes on for 98% of the film.

It is then revealed that Karla is up against a group of abductors who’ve kidnapped a number of children… and this is where I almost threw my head back and laughed.


While the storyline was entertaining to watch, there were several reasons why this film didn’t impress me (and if it did, it’s for the wrong reasons.)

  1. Karla, a waitress, takes on three dangerous abductors who are loaded with weapons. She has no fighting skills and no weapons to defend herself.
  2. The police are never called nor do they show up at the appropriate time. A highspeed chase on the freeway (following multiple accidents) and not a single helicopter or cop car are anywhere in sight. The one police officer who shows up decides to pull Karla over, mistaking her for the one causing trouble.
  3. The movie starts off with Karla in a nasty custody battle with her estranged husband (who is never seen throughout the film) and it ends with a cliffhanger where the audience is left wondering— what’s going to happen to Frankie? Will he stay with Karla or will his father eventually take him away?
  4. At one point in the movie, one of the kidnappers hits a pedestrian with his car, sending the woman flying into the air. The woman is not only shown to be very much alive but also grabbing her knee as if all she’d had was a nasty fall… let’s have Peter Griffin describe the scene…


There are way too many loopholes and laughable moments that make little to no sense.

While the plot had potential to be turned into something close to a summer thriller, it failed to deliver anything worth promising.

Berry and Correa deliver some great acting, but it is buried underneath all the mediocrity that put this film together.

Again, the storyline was entertaining to keep up with, but it definitely could have been better if it was a little more organized and more understandable.


Maybe this is just me being super picky about movies. Maybe all I’ll ever find entertaining is books. Either way, this movie is at the top of the list of movies I kinda wish I hadn’t seen in 2017.

I’d advise those who are still willing to watch it to go and read some non-spoiler reviews on IMdB or Rotten Tomatoes before wasting precious time that could be spent baking a cake or reading a nice fantasy book.




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