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October Wrap-Up


What a crazy and accomplishing month. 3/5 books on my TBR list READ. 4 additional books added and completed.

After taking some time off from reading during the month of September, I came back full force and read at least 7 books (not counting the books of the bible that I read) within the last two weeks of October.

FYI :: I wanted to let you all know that my webpage is currently under construction. I’d accidentally deleted images and gifs that showed up on a number of my posts. I now have to go back and recreate some of the collages, download the images and gifs which I erased, and remind myself to think twice before blindly deleting stuff off of my wordpress. Sigh*

Let’s get started.

I present to you my reads for the month of October in no reading order:

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RATING :: 5-star-rating-system-pcar-011.png

I never get tired of reading the Beverly Cleary books, and I LOVE Ramona. Sure, she comes off as a wild and spoiled child, but I could relate to her struggles of trying so hard to fit in that it backfires. While I enjoyed reading the Ramona books when I was young because I felt understood (and also because they made me laugh), I read the books now because I find that the messages in the stories are as relevant today as they were years ago.

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RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

I can’t begin to describe my disappointment with this book… I feel shocked and a little angry that I waited so long and with so much excitement ever since it’s prequel ‘House of the Scorpion’ stole my heart. The characters lost most of their likable personalities and the plot was covered with so many overwhelming details that I breathed a sigh of relief when I came to the book’s last page. Not at all what I’d expected from Nancy Farmer.

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RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

Yet another book I read back in high school. The only difference this time around was a deeper understanding of some of the heavy topics that pop up in the story- abortion, addictions, dysfunctional relationships, adultery, and family issues. Still a great read though!

Also, I didn’t know that Gingerbread has a sequel so I’m looking forward to reading Shrimp.

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RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

Although I felt that the plot was kinda all over the place, that the relationship between Marin and Mabel was a bit confusing, and that there were a few loopholes that made no sense to me, this book was pleasant enough to read because of the author’s expression of anger, grief, and loss through the main character’s story. Overall it’s not that bad of a book, but I had expected more.

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RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

I read this book out of curiosity since this was the second time Hillary lost an election. As I read through the pages I couldn’t help smelling this victim mentality of ‘I lost because so-and-so did this, this and that occurred, and blah-blah-blah didn’t go as planned.’ While my vote didn’t go for Trump, I’d noticed that Hillary had made some errors in her campaign. Even though she tried reaching the masses through mainstream media and popular talk shows, recruiting the likes of Katy Perry, Beyonce, and a host of other popular celebrities to help with her campaign (and trying hard to reach the millennials through cringe-worthy tweets, Pokemon-go and Star Wars references, and snap chat videos…), it wasn’t enough to reach much of the working class. States such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which would have helped secure a victory for her, were left out of her focus. Ultimately, I believe it was a lack of strategy and proper planning on Clinton’s part that secured her own defeat.

Either way, whether her defeat was her own fault or someone elses, one would have to admit that the defeat itself was pretty bad. Retirement might be the best choice for Hillary… if not a nice trip to Cedar Rapids…


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RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

I don’t feel I need to write much about this one… it’s pretty much the same thing as the last two books in the series- dumb adults, dark humor, an evil psychopath, and orphans left to save themselves when their guardians fail to do so.
As dark and repetitive as the plot is, it’s still entertaining to read.

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RATING :: 5-Star-rating-system-PCAR-01

I must confess that although I’d pass by this book who knows how many times, I had never known what it was about nor had I ever read it before. I’d picked it up earlier this year to try reading it but was confused since I had not understood that it was a book made for grown-ups. As I read it this time around, I was able to catch a message that I hadn’t noticed before. People say that this book can be read countless times and something new will continue popping into your head.. well, what I noticed was how the adult characters in the story seem to have lost their sense of enjoyment in life- working hard for things that will never be enough and becoming so caught up with the tolls of everyday life that they forget to understand what truly matters in the end.

A simple and short read with a powerful message about life.

I’ll be posting a full review on this gem soon.

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Thank you for taking the time to read!

What books on my list have you read already?


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