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Book Review :: A Series of Unfortunate Events :: The Wide Window


AUTHOR :: Lemoney Snicket


RATING :: ☠️☠️☠️☠️

SYNOPSIS :: In The Wide Window, the Baudelaire orphans are sent to live with their third guardian, Aunt Josephine, who lives on a house overlooking Lake Lachrymose.

It is very easy to say that the important thing is to try your best, but if you are in real trouble the most important thing is not trying your best, but getting to safety.

BOOK REVIEW :: As sad and hopeless as the story makes you feel, you can’t help reading it through.

That, at least, was my experience reading this book…

The Baudelaire children (or orphans) are once again placed in the hands of another distant relative. Unlike Uncle Monty (from the second book), the orphans new guardian is a paranoid, fear-filled woman whom the children call Aunt Josephine.

Aunt Josephine is the kind of aunt you’d want to avoid; she may remind you of someone in your family whose home you’d hate visiting because you don’t want to damage or touch anything that might send her flying into a rage or lecture. She’s the kind of family member whose meals you’d try avoiding at all cost, even if you have to lie and say you’re already full from a meal you had before you reached her place. She’s also the kind who lectures you on things you need to get right to compensate for what she’s failing to do for herself.

While Count Olaf is as evil and clever as ever, Aunt Josephine seems to be competing with him for the award for Worst Guardian EVER. Her grammar lectures are exhausting even till her last breath… although I should say that I learned a few lessons from her grammar snobbishness.

Unlike Uncle Monty, who truly cared for the Baudelaire children in spite of his lack of sense, Aunt Josephine only seems to care about two things- grammar and safety. Yes, she even sacrifices the Baudelaire children to preserve her own life even though her sacrifice is for nothing.

In my last Series of Unfortunate Events Review, I stated that every adult seems to lack sense and awareness of danger as soon as Count Olaf comes around. They panic and keep their eyes peeled so hard that they miss him!

One character who never seems to learn his lesson again and again is good ole’ Mr. Poe, who cannot see past any of Count Olaf’s poor disguises. You could practically put on a pair of glasses and he’ll think you’re a completely different person.

Although I might add that Mr. Poe’s realization of Count Olaf’s plan and his attempt to have him arrested was utterly amusing.

“Get back here!” Mr. Poe shouted. “Get back here in the name of the law! Get back here in the name of justice and righteousness! Get back here in the name of Mulctuary Money Management!

“We can’t just shout at them!” Violet shouted. “Come on! We have to CHASE them!”





“Stop immediately!” Mr. Poe ordered, calling through the gate. “Come back here, you unpleasant person!”

Mr. Poe is not the brightest of characters and that’s why I firmly believe that he should be turned into a meme.

You know…

Like the kind that says ‘Mr Poe- the type of person who falls for Clark Kent’s obvious ‘reading glasses’ disguise.’

‘Mr. Poe- the type of person who doesn’t believe crime exists because there’s a law that prohibits it.’

‘Mr. Poe- the type of person who thinks Harvey Weinstein is innocent because he never saw him do anything.’

Okay, okay… last one was a little too much. But hopefully you get my point if you’ve read the Series of Unfortunate Events books.

Moving along…

I’ve realized that although Violet and Klaus are extremely intelligent, they still get so carried away with themselves and share too much with Count Olaf when he finally traps them.

They sound like the type of kids at school who think mean kids should get scared when they tell them, “I’m going to tell on you!”

Just like in the previous book, Sunny is the one who outsmarts her siblings, Count Olaf, AND Mr. Poe.

While it was downright frustrating to read Violet and Klaus yapping on and on about Captain Sham being Count Olaf, and Mr. Poe thinking Captain Weinstein is innocent, I breathed in a sigh of satisfaction and relief when Sunny revealed Count Olaf’s fake peg leg.

I still don’t understand how this series is for children; They’re pretty dark and have depressing topics that would scare any child.

They contain a dark sense of humor that can make your skin crawl. The theme reeks of gloominess and of rainy days without end.

I’m quite surprised that I’ve managed to read the series this far. And since I’ve read them this far I guess there’s no reason to stop with this book.

What do you think of the Lemoney Snicket Series?

What do you like and dislike about it?


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