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Back From Hiding… maybe Grieving.

Hey book worms, travelers, and bloggers of all ages!
I’m so sorry for missing in action these past several weeks. I was not counting on feeling depressed during the month of September but I should have seen it coming since it was the first year anniversary of my baby’s passing.

I wanted to push myself to do so many things- read, play, travel, post on my blog, do book reviews, etc.- but I couldn’t ignore those dreaded emotions.


mood throughout September.


Happy to report however that all the grieving was not done in vain. My husband and I were able to do something special to honor and celebrate our baby’s short life, and I cannot wait to share with all of you everything I experienced in Las Vegas at the annual RiSE Lantern Festival.

(The site logo was one of the many pictures taken at the lantern festival. Can’t wait to share those with y’all too)

I didn’t do much reading (like I said, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything) so I’m super glad my reading list for last month was nothing more but a wish list.

I look forward to reading all of your blog posts/book reviews. Hopefully, I find something to add to my TBR list that keeps growing almost daily, yet hardly gets started. *nervous laugh*

My October TBR will be posted soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new October theme 😉

Thanks for catching up! xoxo



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