August Wrap Up

August was a crazy month for me. Had a lot going on… but I’m happy to say that I was still able to squeeze in some reading time to my already hectic schedule…

This is my first EVER wrap up post, and I’m so super excited to share with you what books I read in the month of August.

Let’s get started…

Trials of Apollo : The Hidden Oracle

Author :: Rick Riordan

I love this book. It was clever, hilarious, and such a fun read. Can’t wait to read the second part of this book :: The Dark Prophecy.

Eliza & Her Monsters

Author :: Francesca Zappia

I misjudged this book way before I even got my hands on it. I was surprised with how good it actually was! I could relate with the main character’s personality & struggles & I loved the overall story, from beginning to end.

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events) Book the First

Author :: Lemoney Snicket

I have a love/hate relationship with this book. It’s horrible… but brilliant! It lives up to its title and breaks the rules of happy endings and fair justice. Not for the sensitive of heart.

The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events) Book the Second

Author :: Lemoney Snicket

While the second part of the Lemoney Snicket series follows in the steps of the first book with an unfair, to-be-continued ending, it certainly has some [happy & fair] moments worth noting. So dark but SO good.

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Thanks for reading!

What books did you read in the month of Aug?


2 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. It sounds like you had a good reading month, all 4 and 5 star reads! August felt really hit or miss for me. I’ve been meaning to get around to the Series of Unfortunate Events series for years, I really need to stop procrastinating on it. I had initially skipped over Eliza and Her Monsters since the cover didn’t appeal to me but I’ve been seeing the book talked about a lot on book blogs, so maybe I’ll give the book a second look. Glad you had a good reading month! 🙂


    1. Hi!
      Yes I initially had no interest for Eliza and Her Monsters for the same reason you stated! It’s really good, and different from a lot of other YA fiction books.

      A Series of Unfortunate Events is hard to read because it’s so dark, but if you don’t mind the dark theme surrounding it, I think you might enjoy it.

      I’m a recovering procrastinator, don’t worry. #procrastinatorsunite

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