Short Break 

Hello, friends! First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my weekly blog posts; I'm hoping you've found a few good laughs, inspiration, and encouragement as a result of them. However, I've been in need of a short break lately, so I'll be taking 3 weeks… Continue reading Short Break 

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PTSD(eal with it)

The pressure and trauma increase and you quit your job without giving your bosses a two weeks notice. You get so overwhelmed with the trauma that you take the family car and run away when you're supposed to be heading to work. You contemplate running the car off the freeway or slamming into an Optimus Prime to end your misery. You then change your plans and you decide to sleep on the side of the road for a night in a different town, crying & screaming. You're paralyzed by fear; terrified of abandonment & of being pursued by your oppressor even though you know you're safe.