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Father’s Day :: A letter to the broken hearted 

Dear Friend,

As you know, today is Father’s Day…

There are many people celebrating Father’s Day while I, on the other hand, am not really doing much with it.

I hold no grudge nor bitterness in my heart for not truly being able to celebrate it the way I’d like because I’m grateful for having a Heavenly Father who’s given me everything I needed and more. This knowledge helps me accept Father’s Day the way it is in my own life.

I text my adopted father and biological father, wishing them both a wonderful day. Although I wish it could be more meaningful, I know this is the best I can do.

I can’t deny that it hurts a little, still, whenever this day comes around. Just like Mother’s Day, I almost relive experiences in my mind that left me feeling abandoned, without love, and without protection. These wounds have slowly healed over the last several years; wounds that I’ve allowed God to heal through his power and love.

But yet there are others who are also hurting, maybe even more than I myself have.

There are both men and women out there who’ve been abandoned by their fathers. Some have been sexually molested, others physically abused, and some others completely ignored and left to figure out life’s difficulties on their own.

Maybe you (the reader) experienced difficulty pleasing your father. Maybe he was hard of character and never showed you he was proud of you, no matter how hard you tried to please him. Maybe he had difficulty showing you unconditional love and made you feel terrible about every great or small mistake you ever made.

There are also men who’ve experienced the sorrow of losing a child, like my husband. Their worlds have come crashing down at the thought that they’ll never be able to see their child grow up and call them “daddy.”

There are strained relationships between fathers and their children for reasons that only God knows.

There are men who died before their time and left their young ones without a father.

There are men who loved the honor of being called ‘father,’ but have never truly been there for their children; Men who used their children to boost their own ego but never did much to earn true honor and their child’s respect.

There are others who never cared for their kids; who cared more about how much money they got, what expensive shoes they could buy, and what more they could get for themselves.

There are fathers out there who sell their daughters for money and others who train their children to do their dirty work.

In some parts of the world, daughters are not considered valuable to fathers. To have sons is the greatest honor a man can have… but that can’t be said about females.

It hurts me to think about the condition of our world and how many hearts have been broken because of the neglect, abuse, lack of love, or absence of so many fathers.

I wish I could take the tears, the heartache, and the trauma away from people… but I know I can’t.

I can only point them to the One who can heal, who can adopt them into His Family, and who can provide them with so much more than our earthly fathers ever could.

To the ones who won’t be celebrating Father’s Day due to strained relationships, due to abuse, or due to the absence of a father… my heart goes out to you all.

It is my hope that you may find unconditional love, hope, and healing in the arms of the one who knows and has seen your heartache and all your tears.

From my heart to yours,



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