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Movie Review :: Wonder Woman 

🚨Spoiler Alert Ahead 🚨 

Wonder Woman :: Grade – B 


Diana, the Amazon Princess, lives on the island of Themyscira with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and the other Amazon warriors. She lives a quiet, sheltered, and danger-free life… until Steve Trevor, an Allied spy for the British during WW2, arrives (crashes?) into the island.

In spite of her mother’s reluctance and fears, Diana decides to leave the island of Themyscira with Steve to defeat the god of war- Ares, whom the Amazons believe is the reason for man’s rebellion & corruption, as well as the cause of the war that has broken out.

Diana believes that if she destroys Ares, it will put an end to the war. Yet she will discover secrets, truths, and lessons that will question everything she thought she once knew.

Movie Review:

I decided not to watch any trailers, promos, or anything that would show me glimpses of this movie, and I’m glad I made that decision… because then I wouldn’t have thoroughly enjoyed it. Seems like movie trailers know how to spoil everything.

Where do I begin with Gal Gadot? She was strength and beauty; fierce but graceful. I was extremely happy to see that the focus was on her strength more than her sexuality, yet her beauty still shines through every scene. I believe Gal was able to embody this innocent, yet fearless personality perfectly. Definitely looking forward to seeing her in future DC movies as WW.

I felt there were pros and cons to the plot. I loved how the movie didn’t feel rushed; it worked it’s way from Diana’s childhood all the way to the end of the movie. However, I would have loved if there had been more time to elaborate on Diana’s true origins. While DC comics tell the story of Diana’s mother’s… um… affiliations with Zeus, and how Zeus is actually Diana’s father, the movie tells a different story; Diana was created by Zeus and given to the Amazons so when the time was right, she’d defeat Ares. I’m not sure which story seems most appropriate, but to me, the story of Zeus and Hippolyta makes more sense.

The movie does a wonderful job focusing on the hardships of war; the cowardliness of the leaders who send soldiers off to battle without thinking of them as human beings, the consequences and aftermath of war like loss of loved ones, water, food, and homes, and the absence of honor and integrity in man’s heart… the movie does a wonderful job bringing these subjects to light rather than just simply focusing on Diana and her entrance as Wonder Woman.

Steve (Chris Pine) and Diana’s chemistry is beautiful to watch, but I felt that there was a lack of scenes that focused on their relationship alone. Their final scene together would have been gut-wrenching, if not moving, if I had been able to see their relationship/chemistry develop more, instead of almost always seeing them talk about war and strategy.

David Thewlis’s portrayal of Ares was good, but not GREAT. I was definitely surprised when it was revealed who his true character was since I had expected a much stronger, more evil looking nemesis, but it still felt like his character was lacking. I’d grade his character with a C+.

All in all, this movie is worth watching; I definitely had a blast watching it. I laughed, I squirmed in my seat, I almost cried several times, and I fell in love with WW.

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