Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday :: Repeated Lessons

In one of my previous posts, I shared about how I suck at cleaning up my own messes... ...but I have come to realize that I also suck at learning important lessons. Maybe you've had days where you continually ask yourself where you went wrong in a situation, all the while the answer being right… Continue reading Thankful Thursday :: Repeated Lessons

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The Thing About Forgiveness… 

... is that it's uncomfortable to give to those who have wronged/hurt you. When it comes to people that have wronged me, almost destroyed me, and have earned themselves every reason for me to hate them, it gets difficult to forgive. Although I was brought up in a Christian church, I wasn't exactly taught the… Continue reading The Thing About Forgiveness… 

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Father’s Day :: A letter to the broken hearted 

Dear Friend, As you know, today is Father's Day... There are many people celebrating Father's Day while I, on the other hand, am not really doing much with it. I hold no grudge nor bitterness in my heart for not truly being able to celebrate it the way I'd like because I'm grateful for having… Continue reading Father’s Day :: A letter to the broken hearted 

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Hollywood Bound :: A Night in the Dolby Theatre 

Kingdom Hearts captured my heart 15 years ago via the television screen.  The first thing I loved about it was it's music. Utada Hikaru's 'Simple & Clean' stayed in my head for months; I couldn't think of a song that was as beautiful and magical as hers.  I became a fan of Kingdom Hearts even… Continue reading Hollywood Bound :: A Night in the Dolby Theatre 

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday :: I’m Alive

I'm alive. I'm breathing. I'm living life. I'm not dead. Because of that, I can serve others. Because of that, I can correct mistakes I've made. Because of that, I can worship God. Because of that, I can live to inspire others. I'm not alive just by luck, I'm alive because of Grace- God's grace.… Continue reading Thankful Thursday :: I’m Alive