Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday :: Prayer 


That one thing that so many people do. That one thing you do before you start eating your meal. The thing you do before you go to bed. Maybe also the thing you do before you start your car and drive to your destination. 

Prayer can seem useless at times. It can seem like the last option when everything goes wrong. It can be the one thing you know you should do but would prefer leaving it for last… just in case. 

It can also be the one thing you throw at people when they ask for help. The thing you use as an excuse to not get your hands dirty with service to others. It can be used as a way to address a person indirectly without speaking to them directly, or to add more guilt to their conscience… *cough* and Lord, help ____ see how he/she isn’t right about ____ *cough* 

It’s the one thing I’ve taken for granted. The one thing I’ve misunderstood. And the one thing that has saved my life again and again.

It wasn’t the length of the prayer nor the eloquent words I used that connected me to my creator. It was simply the willingness and desire to connect, surrender, and submit that gave way to receiving just what I needed. 

Prayer has kept me going. It has kept me focused. It has kept me asking. It has helped me through the hard times- break-ups, family problems, neglect, abuse, baby loss, marriage, friendships, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, etc.- and has consistently proven to be more effective than my attempts to solve and fix everything on my own. 

There is nothing magical about the way I say my prayers. Prayer doesn’t mean I get it my way all the time.

Sometimes the answer to certain prayers don’t manifest themselves until years later. Sometimes the answer comes a lot sooner than I expected. Other times I need to re-think the way that I’m praying and ask God to help me allow myself to accept whatever outcome He thinks is best. 

Even though I have obtained a lot of knowledge about prayer, I still cannot explain the mystery, the beauty, and the power of it. 

It is not prayer alone that holds power, but it connects me to the one who holds the power, the miracles, and Life itself. 

Today, I’m thankful for prayer. 


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