Adventure of a Lifetime


He knew I meant those words.
And within seconds, God showed up.
A peace I had never known before came upon me.
The dread, the fear, the weariness, and the depression left me within moments.
My tears faded.
I felt indescribable joy; joy I had never felt before.


God showed up. In the bathroom of all places.
To me- A young woman who neither had her life figured out, nor had anything to prove or offer.
Nothing more but an ordinary girl.
This one act of love, kindness, mercy, and acceptance that I had never really known changed me.

Let me just say this though, my life didn’t get better over night. I didn’t become this perfect, sinless person in that one night, & I still am no perfect, sinless person. I didn’t have perfect days (and I still don’t) even when I chose Jesus… but all it took was that ONE night and that ONE person [Jesus] to set me on an adventure of a lifetime.

I had and still have multiple ups and downs, but I know I don’t have to face them alone anymore. I make mistakes more than I wish I do, but Jesus is always there to guide me to the answer I need. And time and time again, I have to remind myself that above all the wonderful things in the world, and things yet to come in the new world, Jesus is the one I truly need above all else.

My relationship with Jesus has helped me believe that I am valuable, that I am loved, and that I am someone… In spite of my upbringing, my background, & my past mistakes. I can still live the best life possible here until I see Jesus face to face. His faith in me has given me the confidence to be who I was always meant to be, and not who others wanted me to be.

What about the tragedies I’ve faced? What about the questions I have concerning my past and traumatic experiences? I have yet to hear God’s answer, but for now all I can have is faith that one day he will explain everything to me.

I’ve learned that while I cannot undo the past nor the actions of other people, I can create a better future through my actions today & be a voice to those who have experienced similar traumas. I can become a better person every day and live to love and inspire others.

I choose an adventure with Jesus because it was Jesus who saw something worth dying for in me in spite of what others may have thought or said.

What about you? What’s your story?
How have you experienced the Love of God in your personal life?
Have you ever given Jesus a chance? If you could, what’s stopping you?
He is waiting with open arms.


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